Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism

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Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism Middle East Misa's story [hostage to this Kanaya of the Committee researcher kill Islamic countries for the first time baked which has been killed by decapitation, was shocked by the brutality. This aim is possible to give a big impact on the international community. Planting the anxiety of being killed in a brutal way as long caught in the Islamic countries, it is trying to hesitate to join the coalition of the willing to bombing the Islamic countries (hesitation). However, the rebound of the coalition is strengthened, there is also a possibility that the forces of the Islamic State is weakened. Looks like the pilot was trying to use in negotiating material pretending to have survived, originally it is something to advance the negotiations under water without getting in the table hostage. From the beginning, rather than a hostage exchange, it Will be to shake up the Jordan government was the purpose]
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