Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism

What is ISIL?

Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism ISIL How to read: Aishiru, love Also known as: Irakurebanto of Islamic countries, Iraq and the Levant of the Islamic countries English: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Based in Islamic extremists are waging the terrorist activities organization in the Middle East, known as [Islamic State] (IS) one of the designations to refer to. Islamic countries are active in the name of up to 2.0 years [Iraq and Sharm Islamic countries] (ISIS), declared a national establishment to 0 years, was himself the [Islamic State] (Islamic State). However [country] is not only a self-styled, not the national approved by country. Each media [Islamic State], the abbreviation [IS], such as [ISIS] of the old name, are used each of the nickname. Nickname of [ISIL] is also one of a plurality of designation. However media of Japan is 0-year point was not examples are so large that used the nickname of [ISIL]. 0 years, the LDP has firm a policy referred to as the same terrorist organization [ISIL]. How to call it Islamic countries is a response to avoid the risk of being interpreted as regarded as the same organization [country], and have been described.
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