Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism

Diplomats said, was hidden in the Islamic countries journal [Dabiku] ...

Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism Japanese restraint murder in Syria, shoves now Japan is also a fact that became the target of [Islamic State] to us. In recognition of Japan, [Islamic State] is a terrorist organization that merely claiming to be national, but seems to be a view that is doing the public relations activities by using a hostage for their own forces extended the mainstream, the author and old friends suggests that diplomat in relationship, for essentially the ultimate goal of the Islamic countries, could differ materially from that. Meaning of claiming the caliph] [00 years after the Iraq war, he joined a variety of extremist organization, while also turnover leaders, through the twists and turns "Islamic countries" is now in its current form. Of its existence has been internationally close-up is 0 years to occupy the first of the city of Mosul in Iraq, and the enthronement of the Abubakuruaru = Bagudadi himself "caliph" is the current leader, in the controlled areas, "the Islamic countries "you declare the establishment]
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