Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism

[ISIL (Aisuiru) (the so-called [Islamic State]) in Islam

Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism It has now become the target of the world's attention ISIL (A Isuiru) (the so-called [Islamic State]). Pluralistic complex in the background of their appearance and rapid growth There are ones, even if I only in this century, 00 Iraq war and 0 years after the so-called [Ala year Spring of the probe], inter alia Syria civil war and the situation in Iraq It does not talk about is the vent. However, this rhino More long time in the Enns cafe, ie Point of view of modern and contemporary Islam (thought) history dating back to the century From, why now, the world of the majority of Muslims [There is not an Islam from the (Muslim) Is ISIL, which is accused of, although the only part, One pull the Muslims so much this Or kicking the, I think I would like to consider. When entering the century, Western countries began to overwhelm the Muslim countries, certain of the Muslims Who is aiming to build a nation-state based on the separation of church and state of Western Europe flow, or who has past of Chrysler An attempt was made to Daso birth to a new Islamic worthy of the era to re-examine the arm interpretation.
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