Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism

Angle: US military withdrawal, whether the change is the Turkish ...

Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism [Istanbul / Beirut Date - The White House is the day, Turkey has stated that it is expected to carry out a military operation to install the safety zone] in northern Syria. The aim of Turkey is to eliminate the Kurdish forces that have been fighting with the Islamic State (IS) forces in Syria, it can reduce the sphere of influence expansion of Turkey. In this time of the invasion, the composition of the Syrian civil war is largely changed. It summarizes the future development to be expected. The main purpose of Turkey Turkey, a main purpose Hatsu to expand military operations in northern Syria. One eye, the Kurdish militia that Turkey is regarded as a threat on the security [People's Defense Forces] (YPG), but it pulled away from the Turkish border. One eye, founded the [safety zone] to the Syrian side, but can be moved to the safety zone 00 million people of Syrian refugees Turkey is compatible. Syria territory Turkey, which has been lobbying the co-founder of the safety zone, the US government has accused reluctant, I was alone in repeating the possibility to carry out military action warning.
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